Roles in Kitchen

The Roles of Kitchen

If you plan on working in a professional kitchen you should know that you’ll be expected to start at the bottom and work your way up the chain, it’s just how it is. Every chef has a vital role to play to ensure a smooth service and the cooking of amazing food whatever the stage of their career they’ve achieved. Whether it’s an entry level commis chef or top of the family tree executive chef, everyone works as one to create mouth-watering looking and tasting food. If you’re ever wondered who does what in the kitchen, here’s a handy listing to explain all.

Executive Chef

The executive chef may be seen cooking but more often acts as the manager of the kitchen or even multiple kitchens. They have worked for years to reach this position and the decisions they make set the tone for the food served and while their title can be often inter-changed with head chef, they can also report upwards.

Head Chef

The head chef manages the whole kitchen and in the absence of an Executive Chef, they will be on the top branch of the tree. They bring with them years of specialist experience and can have a remarkably wide remit.

Sous Chef

The sous chef will know as much about the day to day operation of the catering of the establishment as the Head or Executive chef as they will need to stand in for them in times of absence.

Pastry Chef

It’s a job which needs a real flair for detail and creativity and after taking relevant qualifications they will spend a typical day carrying out tasks like making bread to designing and creating desserts.

Chef de Partie

The chef de partie will oversee specific areas of the kitchen such as fish, meat or vegetables which is why they are sometimes known as the station chef.

Commis Chef

A commis chef is a determined junior chef who enjoying the first real rung of the ladder of their chosen career. They rarely have two days that are the same, as there is so much to learn and take on board.

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