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Michel Guérard: a delicious slimming cuisine

There was a time when it wasn’t popular some concepts like territory, seasonality and lightness; Nowadays they are the basic principles of good cooking of nowadays, point of view shared all over the world. In the ’50 it started to change and pioneers like Fernand Point began to put in the center of the taste the raw materials respecting the seasonal nature and their characteristic, without adding nothing, giving way to fresh preparations and more appropriate proportions and portions.

One of the founders of the most convinced Nouvelle Cuisine, the brilliant inventor of the Cuisine Minceur, the first slimming gourmet cuisine, is Michel Guérard, the first great chef advisor of a company of frozen food, the Findus.

Guérard focuses on the essential flavors, eliminating as much as possible, excess fats and sugars, in a kitchen that became a reference point, even today.

In the small town of Le Pres d’Eugenie, annexed to the Eugenie les Bains village in the Landes, its restaurant looks like an enclave of several hectares in the countryside, owned by the family of his wife, Madame Barthélémy . It is the well-being that we imagine. The kitchen becomes the star, turning promise into a remarkable fact, healthy and delicious, accounting for fully 80 years of modernity, an invention before it impose fashions, it has three Michelin stars since 1977.

An interpretation of that gourmet treat for the eye and nose before then.

The slopes of the Pyrenees is a must for the true fans and lovers of French cuisine. Exceeded spoiled everything looks beautiful. Surprised and embarrassed at first, full joy of life then. After kilometers and kilometers of nothing. A nothing that is already everything, because it is nature. The same nothing that was able to capture the soul of a young man driven by a passion for great food, when crossing the border and reach the ability to make an enjoyable dish, without abusing of condiments.

The entire minceur menu is worth trying only if added to the following week in a path built around many things. A great idea, as well as philosophical about food, also to maintain the prolonged presence of the rich clientele for a whole week, including parks, Spa, swimming pools, walking or cycling. They move through the Relais & Chateaux with gourmet table 3 stars, just have to program a period of at least 7 nights at Eugenie les Bains, discovering Michel Guerard and its relaxing evolution of his ideas.

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