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Massimiliano Alajmo: the truth of ingredients

Massimiliano Alajmo with his brother Raffaele and his sister Laura, are the third generation of a family of famous restaurateurs of Padua, a family with a passion for hospitality. Their mother Rita Chimetto and their father Erminio received the first star Michelin on 1992 and they passed down the passion for this job to their sons. After the hotel school degree, Massimiliano has worked in several restaurants, including the “Ja Navalge” of Alfredo Chiocchetti in Moena before to go in France to Marc Veyrat and Michel Guérard to perfect his talent.

On 1994 he arrives at “Le Calandre” and gets, in only two years, the second Michelin star. For this reason it became the youngest “two star” of the history. After few years, the restaurant becomes part of “Le Soste” and of prestigious “Relais & Chateaux Association” like “Relais Gourmand”.

On 2002 receives the third Michelin star, so that Massimiliano Alajmo becomes the youngest chef in history to get three stars. However Massimiliano Alajmo is not only the chef in the kitchen of “Le Calandre”, but the successor of “Pasticceria Le Calandre” in Sarmeola di Rubano (PD), of “Ristorante Quadri” in Venice, “La Montecchia” in Salvezzano (PD), the bistro Il Calandrino, the ABC Quadri and ABC Montecchia and even the historic Gran Caffè Quadri in Venice.

He is a guru of kitchen that looks for the primordial essence of taste; his philosophy is based on the truth of the ingredients. An approach to the raw material, humble, lightweight, simple and respectful so that it can reach the truth that inside, is well hidden, so as to bring it to light through the kitchen. In the mystery of what is well hidden, a dinner becomes an experience to be lived and to remember, where re-charge the lost senses.

The kitchen is tradition, from which only extrapolate an ingredient or technique, transferring the emotions of the past and giving new current form and contemporary where you can still feel the smell, the taste and the feeling.

Research, study and rigor are constant character of his cuisine, a research of taste to emphasize the features, a game between the different elements, sometimes, dialogue between opposites, the origin and growth, birth and rebirth, like in his saffron risotto with licorice entirely dedicated to his wife Mariapia and his land, the Calabria. The root and blossom, represented by licorice and saffron, join the most extreme parts of the plant, one is low, deep, hidden, the other is tall, attractive and bright.

A free and disenchanted approach, which we find in one of his books: Fluidità, his attention goes to the lightness and fluidity, the food is more of technique, it is a way of thinking. Without putting aside the heart.

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