Cooking Carbonara in Michelin Style

Do you know how to make carbonara correctly? It’s actually a very simple pasta dish with a sauce of just three main ingredients, egg, cheese and pork but one that has been continuously added to and bastardised, as it’s travelled. Cream is a criminal, yet common addition, ditto mushrooms. Here then are three Michelin-starred chefs to show you exactly how to make carbonara. The authentic recipe calls for fattier guanciale from the pig’s cheek and pecorino (sheep’s milk) cheese. Also demonstrated here is a key technique many chefs use to prevent the eggs from scrambling, which is to bain-marie them.

Luciano Monosilio

As Carbonara is a Roman dish, we have to start with a Roman chef, namely Luciano Monosilio of Rome’s Pipero restaurant (and formerly of the one Michelin star Pipero al Rex). He’s actually known as the ‘King of Carbonara.’

Carlo Mirarchi

This next recipe could be a little controversial: the amount of pepper used is unusual, veering towards a cacio e pepe and you’d have to be very careful not to burn it. Carlo Mirarchi of New York’s Blanca also adds his eggs to the pan over what is presumably a low direct heat. It still looks delicious though!

Heinz Beck

Finally, Heinz Beck of the three Michelin star La Pergola in Rome, flips the carbonara recipe on its head with this famous signature dish, filling his fagotelli with sauce. Okay, so he adds courgette and cream, but we can forgive him, this looks amazing.

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